Athletics, also known as track and field or track and field athletics, is a collection of sports events that involve running, throwing and jumping. The name is. back. The Track and Field competition of this 10th edition of the Gay Games is organized in the magnificent Stade Charlety Stadium by the Paris Front Runners. High School Outdoor Track & Field. States/Regions; Men Men's Top Athletes; Women Women's Top Athletes; Meet List Meets Mens Top Athletes  ‎Middle School · ‎Iowa High School Track and · ‎Ontario High School Track and.


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If the same man won the long jump, discus throw, and javelin throw, there was no need to athletics track and field the stadion and wrestling events, although they would still be held separately.

In the case of multiple winners, the winner of the stadion was considered the champion of the entire Games, and was often the only name remembered in connection with a particular Games, especially during the earliest period.

Track and field

There were several other "Games" held throughout Europe in the classical era, including athletics track and field Panhellenic Games. They were held in honor of Apollo two years after each Olympic Games were held, and between each Nemean Games founded in B.

Statue of a discus athletics track and field. The Panhellenic Games, unlike the Olympic Games, also featured competitions for music and poetrywhich pre-dated the athletic portion of the contests, and were said to have been started by Apollo after he killed Python and set up the oracle at Delphi.

Otherwise, the athletic events were the same as the Olympic Games. A four-horse chariot race was held in a hippodrome on the plain not far from the sea, in the place where the original stadium was sited.

The winners received a wreath of bay laurels from the city of Tempe in Thessaly.

Athletics (track and field)

Smaller Pythian games were celebrated in many other athletics track and field of Asia Minor and Greece. There is no doubt that most Romans also came to prefer games of a more physically dangerous and violent nature than did the Greeks.

The Romans absorbed many Greek social and cultural ideas, especially after Rome's conquest of the Greek lands of the eastern Mediterranean in the second and first centuries B.

However, except for boxing and chariot racing, most Athletics track and field had little interest in Greek athletics, in which serious injuries and death were rare.

The average Roman had a dislike for the running, jumping, and throwing events of the Olympics. Instead, the Greek sports of chariot racing and athletics track and field, as well as the Etruscan sport of gladiatorial combat, took center stage in the Roman Games, culminating in wild animal hunts and Public spectacles munera that took place in amphitheaters like the Colosseum.

Other peoples enjoyed athletic contests, athletics track and field as the CeltsTeutons, and Goths.


However, these were often related to combat training. In the Middle Agesathletics track and field sons of noblemen would be trained in running, leaping, and wrestling, in addition to riding, jousting, and arms-training.

Contests between rivals and friends may have been common on both official and unofficial grounds.

In the nineteenth century, the formal organization of the modern events started with organized amateur footraces held in England beginning in The incorporation of regular sports and exercise into school regimes also began. The Royal Military College, Sandhurst, has claimed to be the first to adopt this in andbut without any supporting evidence.

There are details of the athletics track and field in a series of letters written 60 years later by C. Robinson who was a pupil there from to The Royal Military Academy at Woolwich held an organized competition inbut the first regular series of meetings was held by Exeter College, Oxford from The first meet open to all amateurs was organized by the West End Rowing Club in Founded inthe Amateur Athletics track and field Club AAC held the first English championship games, which stressed the camaraderie of its participants, who were unpaid "gentlemen amateurs.

Track and field athletics

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, originally built in the fourth century B. Modern athletic events are usually organized around a m running track on athletics track and field most of the running events take place. Field events vaulting, jumping, and throwing often take place inside the track.

Athletics was included in the first modern Olympic Games, inand has formed their backbone since. After the initial success, the Olympics struggled.

Athletics track events

The celebrations in Paris and St. Louis were overshadowed by the World's Fair exhibitions in athletics track and field they were included. The so-called Intercalated Games because of their off-year status, as is not divisible by four were held in in Athens, as the first of an alternating series of Athens-held Olympics.