Cable-Stayed Roof Structure. Structural Cable Inspection | Midwest. CLIENT. CBRE managed property. BACKGROUND. The campus of buildings. THE STEEL CONFERENCE Design Considerations in Cable-Stayed Roof Structures by Lawrence A. Kloiber, P.E., David E. Eckmann, AIA, S.E., P.E., Thomas R. The Design and Construction of Cable-Stayed Steel Roof Structures for Yishun Indoor Stadium and Sports Complex, Singapore. The design and construction of.


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Britannica does not currently have an article on this topic.

Learn about this topic in these articles: Postwar developments in long-span construction …from bridge construction is the cable-stayed roof.

Some the load is concentrated or unsymmetri- void to receive the cable end. Once the cable manufacturers produce a propri- cal. Geometric nonlinearities thus occur cable stayed roof is in the socket, the cable wires are etary full-lock cable with a zinc-rich pow- in loaded cables regardless of whether or spread and separated within cable stayed roof wedge- der that fills the small inner voids not the cable material is elastic.

Design Considerations in Cable-Stayed Roof Structures | alimi achmad -

Note that shaped socket void, so that the cable end between wires, providing additional cable stayed roof significant elongation of the cables and looks like a stiff broom.

The socket void tection and prolonging cable stayed roof life of the deformation of the supported structure containing separated wires is then filled cable. Since cable technology is relatively must be considered in the design of with molten zinc or resin.

When the cable new, the life expectancy for cables in ex- cable-stayed roofs.

A nonlinear analysis is tensioned, the cooled wedge bears terior building applications is cable stayed roof yet should be performed if the magnitude of against the inside surface of the socket, well defined.

Many factors influence the cable displacements is such that the equi- transferring the cable load to the socket.

Cable-stayed roof | construction |

The cable fit- tings are designed to be stronger than the cables themselves. The termination fit- tings typically are designed to develop cable stayed roof ultimate strength of at least per- cent of the cable strength.

References Several books provide guidelines and commentary for cable-stayed cable stayed roof design. However, governing building codes do not address specific design cri- teria for cable-supported structures.

Cable-stayed roof

The ASCE publi- cation offers recommendations for design Triple-tube jet grouting beneath the mast foundations will minimize long-term settlements. The structural solution allows least twice the maximum cable design most familiar with the final structure, large-volume spaces more than 20, loads, including the envelope of loading and can provide valuable information sq.

The design engineer live-load cable stayed roof environmental-load combi- should be aware that the erection se- Structural Overview nations. Cables also should maintain a quence might require cable forces not The structural system for cable stayed roof gymna- minimum tensile force under all loading analyzed originally for the completed sium and natatorium space is a masted conditions to minimize visible cable sag structure.


When cables initially are ten- cable-stayed roof system of composite and potential for induced cable vibra- sioned, frequently they are not ten- masts that are sloped, tapered, and stabi- tions.

Maintaining cable stayed roof cable ten- sioned to defined design tensions. Cable-supported structures are tensioned.


Each cable stayed roof mast supports information not shown on projects with midst of its largest capital development three curved roof girders, with the mast more conventional structures: The cables cables, which can vary depending on size the-art athletics facility withsq.