You can download Diary ng Panget in pdf format. Samahan natin si Eya sa nakakalok Mahirap at panget si Girl tapos magnet siya ng mga poging mayayaman. diary ng panget 2 haveyouseenthisgirl | Get Read & Download Ebook diary ng panget 2 haveyouseenthisgirl as PDF for free at The. Biggest ebook library in the. Diary Ng Panget Ebook Pdf Download diary panget diary panget full movie diary panget movie diary panget 2 diary.


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In Marchthe series was again published as a movie tie-in and also spanning 4 volumes, which will be available on the nationwide caravan for Diary ng Panget the Movie.

Main characters Reah "Eya" Rodriguez: The protagonist and narrator of the series, the titular 'panget'. Eya describes herself as an ugly person. She studies at Willford Academy and is a model of some products that don't diary ng panget ebooks to show her face Wattpad version only.


She was hired by Mr. Sandford to be the personal maid of his son, Cross. A handsome, rich and snobbish teenager. I don't know if the author has actually lived her life or if she's been diary ng panget ebooks to hide under a rock.

A person who's supposed to be curious about the world, but she has limited her interests on Koreanovelas, manga and anime. I'm surprised she's only two years younger than me and she's in college now, I guess.

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DNP is set in a warped, Barney the Gay Dinosaur-lalaland version of the Philippines and with college student characters that don't even really do anything related to college or even diary ng panget ebooks what it's like to be a college student.

The author is like Garrett in the movie Flipped. When Diary ng panget ebooks Loski asked Garrett what a rooster looked like: Is that a rooster? Nah, that looks like a chicken.

How do you know? Do you guys see what I mean? When you're 19, you should at least know the few basic technicalities in life, like what happens when you try to apply for a job or how society pushes a person to diary ng panget ebooks at least courteous when in public, and not act like a loon in a store like NBS.

I am going to wait for the updated version na rin kasi ipa-publish na daw sya soon. Wasted my one-sitting-read time in this book. I should have just finished reading other really good reads on my tablet.

Please guys, don't waste your pesos for this one. I might give you a lot of reasons as to why you shouldn't. Baka abutin nga ng ilang taon yung mga rants ko about this book. But I'll make this simple. Isang buklat mo lang sa libro, tanggal na yung mga pages.

Borrowed a copy from a friend and I was really excited to read this but was not satisfied and was so disappointed.

Diary ng Panget Series

Mukhang tinipid ng publisher at dinikitan ng ordinaryong rugby. If you think you'll like it the diary ng panget ebooks or maybe in general the book itselfI'm telling you right now it's a big NO.

O di kaya mas mababa pa sa simple.