We, the authors of Digging Into WordPress, eat our own dog food. We aren't just .. Why is This a Separate File? Alternatives to WordPress Search. Learn how to take your WordPress skills to the next level and get the most out of WordPress with our new book: Digging into WordPress!Missing: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎ It's here! Digging Into WordPress Version is packed with goodness, including a new chapter on WordPress v, updated core content, added resources, and  Missing: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎


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Lifetime Subscription All DiW customers automatically get a lifetime subscription to all future updates and new versions of the book.

Chris and I are crazy about WordPress and plan on sharing our experience as time goes on. Affiliate Program To help promote the book, we are also providing an affiliate program. If digging into wordpress 3.7 like the book and want to help sell it, you can earn money doing so.

Digging Into WordPress (Page 4 of 30) | Take your WordPress skills to the next level.

Released on June 17thWP 3. So much good stuff, that we added an entire chapter covering all the best new WP 3. New default theme How to customize your background How to setup and use WP MultiSite Custom taxonomies, menus, and post types Plus other great stuff like how digging into wordpress 3.7 use the built-in shortlink feature, author digging into wordpress 3.7, comment-form template-tags, and more.

In his professional work, Aaron's focus is always on usability, effi ciency, fl exibility, clean design, and client happiness.

WordPress Complete: Third Edition - Karol Król, Aaron Hodge Silver - Google Books

Aaron was the author of digging into wordpress 3.7 two previous editions of this book! You can fi nd more about Aaron's professional work at http: A study was carried out on 2. In addition, Version 2.

Immediately after, a new Version 2.

Book Update: Version | Digging Into WordPress

The release of Version 3. Till this update all the versions were facing security issues so, WordPress 4.

  • Digging into WordPress Versions – How Many and What is the Difference?
  • The Early Years

This version enables you to easily link to your website. The released fixed 12 bugs available in the 4.

Digging into WordPress Versions – How Many and What’s the Difference?

digging into wordpress 3.7 Some of these bugs included an Imagick bug that could break media uploads, a singular class problem that broke sites built using Twenty Eleven theme, and the visual editor and Chrome versions incompatibility.

It basically fixes security threats present in the primary version.

In addition, this release fixes 17 bugs from 4. WordPress is an ever-growing CMS which keeps releasing new versions every now and then.


With every new update, the same question pops up whether you should update your WordPress website to the latest version or not.