How is Effective Enterprise Java (book) abbreviated? EEJ stands for Effective Enterprise Java (book). EEJ is defined as Effective Enterprise Java (book) rarely. TheServerSide chats with Ted Neward, author of "Effective Enterprise Java", about what's in the book and why building effective enterprise  Effective Enterprise Java: State Management. Just three weeks ago, I was asked to step in for Ted Neward to give a tutorial at Öredev on Effective Enterprise Java. As I did not have time to.


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Define your performance and scalability goals. Restrict EJB to transactional processing. Never optimize without profiling first. Recognize the cost of vendor neutrality.

Ted Neward on: Effective Enterprise Java

Build in monitoring support. Build in administration support. Make deployment as simple as possible. Understand all your communications options. Consider your lookup carefully.

Lone Star Software Symposium: Dallas

Recognize the cost of network access. Prefer context-complete communication styles. Inside, you will find an accessible guide to the nuances effective enterprise java Java 2 Platform, Enterpris "With this book, Ted Neward helps you make the leap from being a good Java enterprise developer to a great developer!


An interface method invocation that is packaged up as an asynchronous message send underneath the hood does not assuage the intrinsic brittleness problem of remoted interfaces.

I was put effective enterprise java the spot to justify why I'd want to continue effective enterprise java the supposedly "messy business" of writing code that sends and receives messages when I could just call interface methods - which is so naturally intuitive, of course.

DKUM - Patterns and techniques for developing performance effective enterprise Java beans

Yes, I concede that up front calling a remote interface can seem like the simplest approach, but in the bigger picture it has a much higher cost and in multiple ways.

Well, this lunch effective enterprise java illustrated to me just how vested the big software venders are in their technology API stacks. Here it is a perfect time to take stock of the lessons learned over the last half decade and make course corrections.

That isn't likely to happen, though. The philosophy of architecture I espouse tends to effective enterprise java these cool, shiny technology APIs that the vendors' marketing campaigns are busy enticing you developers and architects to buy into.


So is time to herd everyone on to the next great thing that they can lock corporate IT into. Plus the money has already been spent to devise the shiny new technology API stacks and needs to be recouped, or at least justified.

Ted Neward and Effective Enterprise Java I came into Java enterprise software effective enterprise java in an oblique, unorthodox fashion.

effective enterprise java I have engaged in email dialog with Ted and sort of know him through that medium, but I've never attended any of his conference sessions or read his books. Basically my exposures to Ted were his articles on C 3. Yet while browsing Java books in Barnes and Nobel I decided to pick up this book of his and right off stumbled on to material that I became fascinated that Ted and I had arrived effective enterprise java some identical conclusions independently of one another based on our mutual real world experiences of building enterprise software systems.

I was doubly fascinated because of this recent lunch meeting experience where it was evident I was coming off as a heretic of sorts to my audience.

After reading Effective Enterprise Java, you will know how to design and implement better, more scalable enterprise-scope Java software systems.