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Antonio Montagnana The role of Orlando, originally written for Senesinothe great alto castratois nowadays fammi combattere performed by a countertenor fammi combattere a mezzo-soprano. The role of Medoro was originally written for a female alto or mezzo-sopranoand this voice is usually retained in modern performances.

The characters of Dorinda and Angelica are performed by sopranos, and Zoroastro by a bass.

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Synopsis[ edit ] Orlando Rolanda great fammi combattere in Charlemagne 's army, falls desperately in love with the pagan princess Angelica, who is in turn in love with another man, Medoro.

Orlando cannot accept this and he is driven to madness, prevented from causing absolute carnage only by the magician Zoroastro who eventually restores his sanity. Act 1[ edit ] On the summit of a mountain, at night - The wizard Zoroastro scans the heavens and fammi combattere signs in the stars that the warrior Orlando will once more turn to fammi combattere of valour and recover from his passion for the princess of Cathay, Angelica.


Orlando himself appears, fammi combattere between love and duty. With a wave of his wand, the magician conjures up disturbing visions of the great heroes of antiquity asleep at Cupid's feet.

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Zoroastro urges Orlando to forget Venus, the goddess of love, and once more follow Mars, god of war. Orlando is at first shamed by Zoroastro's words but then decides love and duty do not necessarily conflict, reflecting that Hercules was not robbed of his status as a hero by his affair with Queen Omphaleor Achilles by disguising himself for a time as a woman Aria: Simone Peterzano Angelica e Medoro In a grove with shepherds' huts fammi combattere The shepherdess Dorinda reflects on the beauties of nature, which however do not fill her with tranquility as they used to, which she feels may be a sign that she is fammi combattere in love.

Orlando rushes across the scene with a princess, Isabella, fammi combattere he has just rescued from danger, and Dorinda thinks he may be in love too. Ho un certo rossore.

Dorinda has been sheltering princess Angelica in her hut, fammi combattere Angelica had found the wounded Moorish warrior Medoro near death and fallen desperately in love with him and brought him to recuperate in the shepherdess's hut with her.

Dorinda is upset that Medoro and Angelica are in love, as she fammi combattere fallen in love with Medoro herself, but Medoro tells Dorinda that Angelica is a relative of his and assures Dorinda that he will never forget her kindness to him Aria: Se il cor mai ti dira. Dorinda knows Medoro is not telling the truth, but finds him utterly charming anyway Aria: Zoroastro tells Angelica he knows that she is in love with Medoro and warns fammi combattere that Orlando's jealousy when he discovers this will lead to unpredictable and possibly dangerous results.

When Angelica meets Orlando, she pretends to be jealous of his rescue of Princess Isabella, telling him he cannot expect her to love a man who may not be faithful to her Aria: Orlando protests that he could never love anyone but her, and offers to do anything to prove it, including fighting fierce monsters Aria: As Orlando leaves, Medoro enters and asks Angelica who she was with.

She explains that Orlando is fammi combattere mighty warrior and besotted with her and advises that they should retreat to her kingdom in the east to escape his wrath. Dorinda is upset to see them embrace, but the lovers tell her not to be downhearted; one day she too will find love.

Angelica presents Dorinda with a jewelled bracelet in gratitude for her hospitality Trio: Act 2[ edit ] Statue of Roland Orlando in Bremen In a forest - Dorinda, inconsolable over the loss fammi combattere Medoro, listens to the melancholy song of the nightingale and finds it chimes with her mood Arioso: Quando spieghi tuoi tormenti.