's Ebook Reader lets you read your favorite books on the go. Choose from a massive collection of popular books that you can download in a jiffy. The Best eBook reader Apps to read ePub and PDF books. Top Free ePub reader apps: Kindle, Nook, Cool Reader, Aldiko, EBookDroid. Here's a list of eBook readers for Android Phones and why you should use You can download free eBooks for every one of these readers.


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Compared to Kindle Store, where there are no more than 2. So far Google Books scanned and stored over 30 million print publications. Obviously, some of them were pulled free android ebook Google Play Books.


These publications entered public domain. That means they can be offered in a digital format for free. In general, try to use free android ebook box extensively. The good thing is that by default Google displays new titles. Books from Google scan project will appear while you scroll down.

15 best eBook reader apps for Android - Android Authority

Usually, if there is no book cover, but only a title page, such a book is only available as scanned pdf. A major disadvantage of Google Play Books is a lack of options to search for foreign-language books.

Smashwords Smashwords is one of the most popular places to find ebooks free android ebook independent authors and publishers. Books are available in several languages, all are DRM-free, and free android ebook authors make their publications available for free.

The site distributes books to a few major ebookstores, but unfortunately Google Play Books is not among them. To quickly get to the list of free ebooks, simply use the combination of the three top filter bars.

For instance, here free android ebook the link to: Additionally, it offers annotation features, form filling features, and ConnectedPDF for privacy.

15 best eBook reader apps for Android

For reading, it can read PDFs out loud and also supports audio and video stuff. It has probably the best free android ebook support of any eReader or PDF app.

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That's the big five! It features well over a dozen file formats. That includes eBook, comic book, and even Free android ebook files for audiobooks. The app also comes with four themes, customizable reading settings, a five language translator, and OPDS support.

There is also text-to-speech support although it's kind of mediocre. The UI is good enough.

Ebook Reader for Android - Download

Nothing to really complain about here. The app is free with ads. There are also optional donations to support development. It's a free android ebook bookstore. The selections include books, magazines, and all sorts of other stuff.

10 Best Free eBook, PDF & ePub reader Android Apps

It supports several eBook formats, comic book formats, and other stuff. You can even upload your books to the cloud and read them anywhere.


The app is free, but many of the books cost money.