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Variable-frequency drive

Choosing Between Soft Starters and Drives Regardless of their application, motors that are started across the line require large amounts of energy when accelerating quickly to full speed. Skell, Application Engineer at Eaton Motor drives and controls comprehensive drive packages typically combine several solutions to provide a reliable and robust system.

Using a drive with a soft starter built into the bypass offers motor drives and controls spectrum of advantages. In general, soft starters are designed for customers requiring reliable and efficient soft-starting of three-phase motors.

Motor Management In Control Panels Drives Energy Savings By Fabrice Meunier, Schneider Electric How to save energy by using low power dissipation motor starters, how smart motor control systems can be used to optimize energy use, how power monitoring motor drives and controls can help better manage energy consumption of electrical motors, and how variable speed drives can be used for energy savings.

Selecting Keyless vs Keyed Connections for Motor to Gear Reducer Knowing the differences between keyless and keyed-shafted connections is vital in motor drives and controls the advantages and disadvantages of both types of specifications when choosing a gearbox for your motor. Read complete paper from alpha gear drives, Inc.

Motor controller - Wikipedia

Harmonic distortion can result in mis-operation of sensitive electronic equipment and generators. Flux Vector or closed loop vector requires encoder feedback and gives precise speed and full rated torque control over a wide speed range — sometimes even at zero RPM.

Refer to Section H. Regeneration relies on the ability motor drives and controls both AC and DC motors to act as generators as well as motors. The operator interface often includes an alphanumeric display or indication lights and meters to provide information about the operation of the drive.

Motor Drives & Control White Papers and Technical Articles

An operator interface keypad and display unit is often provided on the front of the VFD controller as shown in the photograph above. The keypad display can often be cable-connected and mounted a short distance from motor drives and controls VFD controller.


A serial communications port is also often available to allow the VFD to be configured, adjusted, monitored, motor drives and controls controlled using a computer.

Most applications involve single-quadrant loads operating in quadrant I, such as in variable-torque e. Certain applications involve two-quadrant loads operating in quadrant I and II where the speed is motor drives and controls but the torque changes polarity as in case of a fan decelerating faster than natural mechanical losses.

Some sources define two-quadrant drives as loads operating in quadrants I and III where the speed and torque is same positive or negative polarity in both directions. Certain high-performance applications involve four-quadrant loads Quadrants I to IV where the speed and torque can be in any direction such as in hoists, elevators, and hilly conveyors.


Regeneration can occur only in the drive's DC link bus when inverter voltage is smaller in magnitude than the motor back- EMF and inverter voltage and back-EMF motor drives and controls the same polarity.

By using an autotransformer or a series inductancea lower voltage is present at the motor terminals, reducing starting torque and inrush current. Once motor drives and controls motor has come up to some fraction of its full-load speed, the starter switches to full voltage at the motor terminals.


Since the autotransformer or series reactor only carries the heavy motor starting current for a few seconds, the devices can be much smaller compared to continuously rated equipment. The transition between reduced and full voltage may be based on elapsed time, or triggered when a current sensor shows the motor current has begun to reduce.

An autotransformer starter was patented in Adjustable-speed drive An adjustable-speed drive ASD or variable-speed drive VSD is motor drives and controls interconnected combination of equipment that provides a means of driving and adjusting the operating speed of a mechanical load.

An electrical adjustable-speed drive consists of an electric motor and a speed controller or power motor drives and controls plus auxiliary devices and equipment.

IMCs monitor the load on a motor and accordingly match motor torque to motor load.