Scientific Name: Mucuna bracteata DC. Synonym(s). Carpopogon bracteatum Roxb. Mucuna brevipes Craib. Mucuna exserta Mucuna venulosa  ‎Taxonomy · ‎Assessment Information · ‎Geographic Range. Is a compendium of all the information pertaining to Mucuna Bracteata. Mucuna bracteata is a leguminous plant. It is a nitrogen-regulating plant that is used in agroecosystems operating around certain types of agricultural plant  ‎Description · ‎Growing conditions.


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Mucuna Bracteata Seeds & Green Manure Seeds Exporter from Idukki

The leaves tend to droop during periods of high temperature and avoid much heat and exposure to direct sun. The tender vines are mucuna bracteata violet in colour and later on change to green.

Older mucuna bracteata are brown with dark brown raised spots. The first 5 chapters attempt to bring a better understanding of the sciences and agronomy of Mucuna bracteata to the readers while the remaining chapters translate theory into large scale practice.

All the chapters are written by practitioners who are also specialists in various subjects of plantation crop management.

It is found in hilly evergreen forests and mucuna bracteata in secondary vegetation.


It is also found in grasslands and beside roads mucuna bracteata rivers. Use and Trade [top] Use and Trade: Any claim above that in comercial seeds has to be viewed with suspicion. Physical Characteristics of good Mucuna Bracteata Seeds Mucuna Bracteata seeds vary considerably with regards to size, color, weight etc.

Quality Mucuna Bracteata Seeds, are barrel shaped with the hilum mucuna bracteata in the middle of one side. Such seeds are big and brown to black in colour.


They weigh to mg each. There will be roughly seeds in mucuna bracteata kilogram. Other type of seeds, are almost same size, flat and shrunken on one side or both the sides. Such seeds weigh to mg and there are seeds in a kilogram.

Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

Pre-treatment of Mucuna Bracteata Seeds. As a part of value addition to the Mucuna Bracteata seeds exported by Mucuna bracteata Rubber Estate, we have been constantly experimenting with methods to improve the germination of the seeds.

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Take cleaned Mucuna Bracteata seeds free from soil and mucuna bracteata debris in an acid resistant container Glass or Plastic. Approximately for every kilogram of seeds 50 cc. Of Sulphuric acid is needed.