Country #nationality #spanish #basicspanish - PATREON: - BLOG. Spain is a diverse country integrated by different contrasting entities that show varying economic and social structures, as well as different languages and. Free interactive page-lesson with examples, online exercises, audio and microphones. How to say countries in Spanish. Nationalities masculine and feminine.‎European countries · ‎Countries in Spanish: Asia · ‎African countries in Spanish.


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In Spanish, we call these words gentilicios.

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Moreover, whereas in English the adjective remains invariable, in Spanish, adjectives must agree in both number and gender with the nouns they modify. Anita y Celia son alumnas francesas.

Anita and Celia are French students. Inthe Catalan Parliament, in approving a new Statute of Autonomy, chose to define Catalonia not as a "nationality" but nationalities in spanish as a "nation", by a large majority.


Similar proposals were made in Andalusia. Nationalities in spanish Spanish Parliament, which must ratify all Statutes of Nationalities in spanish, removed the article that defined Catalonia as a "nation", but made a reference in the Preamble of the document to the "fact" nationalities in spanish the Catalan Parliament had chosen to so define Catalonia, but that the constitution recognizes her "national reality" as a "nationality".

The existence of two chartered communities with fiscal autonomy has led to discontent in Catalonia, which demands the same privilege and transparency: The "nationalities" have also played a key role in national or "State-wide" politics.

On the few occasions where no major party has achieved absolute majority in the Congress of Deputies, there have been agreements with the so-called "nationalist" i.

Spanish Country Nationals

On these occasions, no coalitions for government have been made, but instead a minority government has been formed that receives support nationalities in spanish the "nationalist" parties to approve the budget and other laws.

This has sometimes led to further concessions being made to the peripheral nationalities. We could have them all in a very long list, but that is not what this lesson is about.

Hopefully the examples provided in this lesson will make this topic nationalities in spanish to you. Spanish language expanded in Latin America after the arrival of the Spanish, who brought their language and European traditions that are now part of Latin American culture as well.

Languages, Countries and Nationalities in Spanish - SpanishLearningLab

Here are some interactive exercises about the Spanish words used to indicate someone's nationality. Interactive Exercises Exercise 1: Lee las oraciones y completa con la palabra correcta.

Try to use the correct written accents if you can e. If you don't know the correct answer, nationalities in spanish '?

Free online Spanish course

Un hombre de Colombia es 2. Juan is a French boy. Anita es una chica francesa.