I'm a California girl who used to dream of dressing up in twirling skirts. I used to dream of meeting prince charming and living happily ever after. Did I abandoned Missing: oddly ‎| ‎Must include: ‎oddly. Oddly by linda pohring epub download colorless tsukuru tazaki ebook xna 4 wieczny grunwald mobi chomikuj bajki 0 game development example. Ha felnőtt vagy, és szeretnéd, hogy az ilyen tartalmakhoz kiskorú ne férhessen hozzá, használj szűrőprogramot. A belépéssel elfogadod a.


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The concept itself was imaginative and if you strip the story oddly by linda pohring to its bare bones, there is a brilliance behind the same.

With that being said, I truly did enjoy the uniqueness of the storyline.

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Overall, Oddily was an enjoyable enough read. I liked the futuristic and time traveling aspect to it.

It sort of had a sci-fi feel to it. I will be reading the next book in the series because I am interested enough to know how this story continues.

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All this changes, however, when she meets the super hot Oddly by linda pohring. Suddenly everyone, including Maxim, inexplicably likes her. Review I straight up did not like this book. I feel like it was still in a draft state, and hadn't reached a narrative level oddly by linda pohring was ready to be published.

First of all, the writing in the book is odd and stilted. I understand that Maxim and Nexa are different from everyone else, and it makes s Synopsis Oddily is a foster child that is teased and tortured each day by everyone.

I understand that Maxim and Nexa are different from everyone else, and it makes sense that the way that they talk may be different.

Oddily Series

Unfortunately, I don't believe that they would talk in overly simplistic sentences with no contractions. Plus the statements that they make were just weird. Combining that with the internal conversation between Nexa and Maxim made the book both confusing and overly simplistic at times.

The characters were very flat and I couldn't bring myself to care about them. For instance, Oddily is seriously tortured through the first half of the book, but it didn't really seem to matter other than being part of the story.

Plot - This novel fell in to the overly cheesy YA romance trap. Oddly by linda pohring meets Oddily and just loves her. There's no preamble, no reason what so ever, he just loves her.

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For ever and ever and ever. And she loves him oddly by linda pohring. Even though he takes over her life, controlling every single aspect of it. The plot is overly simplistic and chunky.

Things just suddenly happen, with no reasoning or build up. For instance, on kid decides to go from tormentor to friend on an apparent whim.

Oddily Series by Linda Pohring

And Oddily is cool with it, she lets him go from devil to bestie in a paragraph. Finally the conclusion of the book.


The story just cuts off in the middle of a scene and directs you to the next book. I attempted to read the next book, but wasn't able to make it more than a oddly by linda pohring of chapters. Side note - think of the Watchmen if you read the book and tell me if you notice any similarities.

My Recommendation I didn't like this book.