According to author Mike Schmoker, there is a yawning gap between the most well-known essential practices and the reality of most classrooms. This gap. According to author Mike Schmoker, there is a yawning gap between the most Results Now and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. According to author Mike Schmoker, there is a yawning gap between the most well-known Results Now is a rally cry for educators to focus on what counts.


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Results Now by Mike Schmoker by Anthony Troiani on Prezi

What music was in the play? Can you write song lyrics that use lines from the play? Perhaps we watch videos or draw scenes for visual results now schmoker. Maybe we make a diorama with actors portraying a scene in a mini Globe theater. Or we may stand up to act out the play or make costumes for results now schmoker learners.

He, instead, prefers a back-to-the-basics approach to teaching.


If results now schmoker want students to read and write better, they need to read and write a lot. Students should read things in class and then write about them with teacher supervision. Then, they should read something else and write about it. He especially favors writing multiple page papers per year.

ASCD Book: Results Now: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Teaching and Learning

He points to several examples of teachers and schools who have improved significantly by simply working harder on reading and writing. I actually like this, in general. The common sense approach to helping the students seems to be what Results now schmoker recommends.

Students should read and think about what they read, and then they should write what they think. I results now schmoker Schmoker to be very persuasive in recommending that this would help to strengthen teaching and deepen learning in our schools.

I have several criticisms, though, of the book, too. First, Schmoker clearly was an English teacher, and the recommendations he makes apply far more meaningfully to humanities classes than to all other disciplines. My high school results now schmoker trying to implement the ideas of Results Now across the results now schmoker, and it caused a lot of needless trouble for the math and music departments, for instance.

So, on the whole, I was glad to hear Schmoker calling for more sensible instruction in the language arts.

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I think that there is something here that educators need to hear, though this book certainly falls short of being the revolution that I think Schmoker wants it to be. Regarding the section "Redefining Results now schmoker The Power of Simplicity and Economy" ends, the first step in doing so is to put administrators in front of a classroom on a regular basis to do what they're results now schmoker of us as teachers.


Think of what administrators would learn. He outlines a plan that focuses on the importance of consistent curriculum, authentic literacy education, and professional learning communities for teachers. What will students get out of this new approach? Schmoker argues passionately that students become learners for life when they have more opportunities to engage in strategic reading, writing with explicit guidance, results now schmoker argument and discussion.

Through strong teamwork, true leadership, and authentic learning, schools and their students can reach new heights. Results Now results now schmoker a rally cry for educators to focus on what counts.

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