Title Edda Em Prosa: Gylfaginning E Skaldskaparmal. Iceland's most versatile literary genius, Snorri Sturluson wrote about poetry, mythology, and. Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer. Show all files Snorri Sturluson Edda In Prosa. Topics mitologia. Get this from a library! Edda em prosa de Snorri Sturluson: textos da mitologia nórdica. [Snorri Sturluson; Magalhães Lima;].


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Snorri Sturluson And The Edda The Conversion Of Cultural Capital In Medieval Scandinavia

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Additional Questions If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us. Those who were believed to be gods were nothing more than cheating humans who turned the local population away from the true faith, Christianity. It is snorri sturluson edda em prosa that more than two hundred years of oral circulation since the conversion resulted in innumerous alterations of the old stories told throughout this time.

It is highly unlikely that the material Snorri worked with reflected an immaculate picture of the beliefs of ancestors who preceded him by at least four generations. Variation is an intrinsic characteristic of oral discourse and it indubitably played a role in the transmission of snorri sturluson edda em prosa stories along the years.

Furthermore, as I will elaborate further using examples, even when these myths were part of the sphere of the sacred, religion in Scandinavia at that time was not, by any means, systematically coherent or unified by a common standard like Christianity.

What later came to be called Paganism by the Church after the process of Christianization in 11th Century Iceland was actually a conjunction of several different religious rituals and cults carried out in diverse ways depending on when and where they were practiced.

This means that not only did the ways for worshipping vary, but probably also the religious stories which were told at the time. There was snorri sturluson edda em prosa central religious ruler, no Vatican, no rulebooks such as the Bible.

Everything was more susceptible to change during the pre-Christian times. By 9Euhemerism is the interpretation of mythological stories as having derived from real historical persons or events.


That is, real historical persons or happenings are presumed to have taken mythic proportions due to exaggerations in the way they were transmitted across generations up to snorri sturluson edda em prosa point where they became legends. This unifying view is an impact of Christianity in the perspective of the work.

But the new religion also left its marks in the content of the Prose Edda, not only in the explicit Christian parts, but also probably in the mythic ones.

Edda em prosa de Snorri Sturluson : textos da mitologia nórdica - Google книги

As they were getting more familiar with the Christian doctrine, they probably snorri sturluson edda em prosa some of its elements into their traditional tales when passing them on. Snorri, who is a Christian, is also probably responsible himself for making up some parts of his accounts.

According to Faulkes He would not have felt it wrong to depart from or expand his sources in Gylfaginning too if artistic or other considerations required it, and he would probably not have felt inhibited from inventing new stories or drastically altering old ones if he saw fit. Some of them probably contradicted each other or presented some kind of conflict which snorri sturluson edda em prosa author had to address accordingly.

This probably meant, sometimes, inventing entire stories, and, sometimes, adapting them so that they could connect to each other in a smooth way.

A very illuminative example is found in Gylfaginning: As Langer, Oliveira and Ferreira This description of two birds on top of one another, however, is unique.