This opinion has also been published at Middle East Online, Alarab Online, For those of us familiar with the history of the conflict, we know that it was only. The Belfer Center's Graham Allison, Nicholas Burns, Ashraf Hegazy, Joseph S. Nye, and Stephen Walt consider the U.S.'s shifting foreign policy in the Middle. Since , Russia has made inroads into the Middle East in a way that few could have imagined at the time. While Moscow's military.


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What is the best way to prevent and ultimately eradicate it? The ironies and flaws in U. Such diplomacy has bred further radicalism, not only among the Palestinians inside the occupied territories but also throughout the Muslim world.

Lost in the Middle East – Foreign Policy

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lacks a vision for ending the conflict. His leadership record during the year war of attrition in Lebanon us and middle east the subsequent punishing losses that Israel has endured are hardly encouraging.

Arafat, however, is not the leader whom many would support were they to choose in peacetime.

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Members differ sharply, however, on the future role of Arafat and the proper degree of emphasis on security as a pre-requisite for resuming peace talks with Israel. To the extent that Chairman Arafat is viewed as the duly elected leader of the Palestinians, this drives a wedge between the United States and its Quartet partners.

Meanwhile, unqualified and unconditional U. For many Palestinians, no peace is better than an unjust peace. Creating such a limited state with the idea that it would at some point negotiate outstanding issues of final settlement, including refugees, water, the status us and middle east Jerusalem and secure borders, would be a grave mistake with far more complicated consequences than before for all the us and middle east concerned.

A perfect illustration of this is the Us and middle east Report, which calls for a freeze on Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories. Further, the Israeli policy of moving its own nationals onto the territories occupied since has clearly violated the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The paradox of brokering an honest deal is obvious, given the us and middle east the United States places on its strategic alliance with Israel. Pointing to this self-contradictory policy during the s, John Lewis Gaddis argues that U.

For many Palestinians, U.

Russia encroaches on US war industry in Middle East | In Depth | DW |

As a result, they continue to lose faith in U. This mentality in turn has created conditions among the Palestinians that assure the extremist elements of moral and material support.

But this incentive is often overshadowed by other economic and geopolitical interests. With the United States playing the dual role of us and middle east mediator of the conflict as well as the chief diplomatic, financial and military supporter of Israeli occupation forces, U.

Bythe United States was importing half of its oil.

United States foreign policy in the Middle East - Wikipedia

If built, the project will provide a much sought-after outlet of Turkmen gas, a rental income for Afghanistan, and will satiate the rapidly expanding gas market of Pakistan. Many factors render a trans-Afghan pipeline dicey: In similar cases in Central Asia, corrupt elites — not the masses — have been the main beneficiary of wealth from transit fees.

The history of the post-war period has shown that many nationalist leaders in the Us and middle east East and North Africa have fallen into disfavor with the United States over the issue of oil. Cutting oil dependency would arguably lead to the withdrawal of U. According to one source, U.

Middle East oil-producing nations are under pressure to keep supply lines open. Many of these governments, which depend on the United Us and middle east for military protection, face a populace increasingly agitated over the Palestinian issue.

The second intifada, which erupted in Septemberhas been a concern for a significant number of governments and business people from the Middle East who regularly deal with the United States and Us and middle east.

Lost in the Middle East

Many oil experts concur that the best way to preserve stability would be to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By keeping prices low and holding oil taxes below those of other consuming nations, the United States has in fact encouraged oil consumption with little regard for the consequences.

By us and middle east moral and political accounts, this logic has failed.